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Uruguay is a country located 30 degrees south of the equator. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the River Plate Basin, it is a land with a varied terrain. From an environmental perspective, because of its vast environmental sanctuaries, Uruguay is ranked sixth in the World Ranking of the Environmental Sustainability Index 2002. With its network of rivers, lakes and streams across the landscape, as well as its hundreds of miles of beaches, it is a water lovers' paradise.
Your stay at the Aguas Dulces Resort Club includes transportation to and from many recreational areas. Listed bellow are a few of many recommended attractions.

Biosphere Reserve

black neck swan capybaras Cardenal Rojo

The marshlands of eastern Uruguay have been declared a "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO. The marshlands are home to large populations of black neck swans and flamingos as well as a large variety of other birds. Capybaras and others inhabit nearby areas.
The Laguna Negra, the Laguna de Castillos and the Laguna Merin are part of a range of lakes offering more opportunities for bird-watching.

Fishing, Water Sports, Camping, Mountain Biking

The area also affords opportunities for fishing, with several varieties of fish native to the area. Windsurfing and rowing are also popular, due to the vast network of lakes. And campers also find paradise here with the unspoiled natural terrain. Mountain biking is a popular sport. The varied terrain offers opportunities for the casual cyclist as well as those that are more experienced.


The Atlantic Coast holds more natural treasures. Approaching the beaches in a four-wheel-drive vehicle or horse-drawn carriage, the mobile sand dunes of Cabo Polonio, a "Natural Monument" in the area, can be viewed. Continuing through this area, one can view charming fishing villages and a rustic lighthouse. Inlets in this area as well as the Atlantic islands, which comprise part of the "National Park of the Coastal Islands", are home to the largest sea lion population in the world.

Cabo Polonio

Whale Watching

Whale watching from the shore is an unexpected surprise between July and November, as the Right Whale migrates toward these latitudes.

An Abundance of Palm Groves and Ombu Trees

Palm Trees Ombu Tree Cerro Arequita Laguna Castillos Valizas

While Palms Trees are to be expected in this area, the Palm Groves of Castillos are an unexpected surprise, due to its vast area of over 172,000 acres and Butia Palms up to 300 years old.
The Ombu Tree is usually found sparsely populated in isolated areas. The forests at the foot of Cerro Arequita, in the department of Lavalleja and next to the Laguna de Castillos have hundreds of these trees in groves. The Ombu Trees are up to 45 yards high and their trunks can have a diameter for up to six feet. Some of these trees are over 500 years old. To view the forest, you must take a boat up the Valizas stream. Nearby in March and May, there is also night fishing for prawns, which is a popular event.

National Parks

Bird lovers and researches alike are well aware of Uruguay's abundance of birds. There are almost 500 species of native and migratory birds in the area. Observatories have been set up to provide a spectacular view of birds in their natural habitat. A good pair of binoculars and a camera with a long range lens will allow for enjoyable bird-watching. In Rocha, the "Program for Conservation of the Bio-Diversity of the Marshes of the East" provides many interesting options for ecological tourism. The biological station of "Portreillo" is a recommended place to visit and is located near the Laguna Negra.

Gauchos (Cowboys)

The gaucho is a courageous figure with rich associations to the origin of the country. He took great responsibility in the herding of livestock and lived a solitary life with his guitar and horse as his only companion. He spent long nights by the campfire, helped instill his melancholy, and strengthened his character to view humor in many situations. The gaucho has been a subject of this country's ballads and folklore.
Uruguay boasts hundreds of farms or "estancias" where you may take the opportunity to step into the boots of a gaucho for a few days to enjoy the freedom of the wilderness. There are also opportunities to spend time at dairy farms and cattle farms which are run by the owners.


Guardia del Monte

Guardia del Monte

This enchanting area located at the Laguna de Castillos is rich with nature and history. One can enjoy a relaxing stroll through the groves of Ombu trees or enjoy horseback riding, fishing, or bird-watching. The gorgeous sunset provides a beautiful backdrop to enjoy the many culinary delights offered by Guardia del Monte.

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